InStep Drawers - Under Stair Storage

Stair Storage- Being well organised is about feeling good.Imagine knowing where you left your keys yesterday or where you have stored your most important papers. Wouldn't it be great not having to worry about these things?

Your belongings hold memories and clues to the story about you. Honour them by giving them a home in an InStep Drawer (patent pending)where they can be protected. After all they are little pieces of your life.

The InStep Drawer byStairpro is an innovative storage solution that makes convenient storage of a once unusable space under the staircase and makes the most of your living space. The solid timber dovetailed drawers are designed to reuse the existing riser-board as the drawer front; the drawers are smooth running and are soft-closing. Perfect!

Storage is incredibly personal. At least that's how we see it. That's why we designed the InStep Drawers to keep possessions in order. We all have home-lives made up of lots of passions, hobbies, and everyday activities. We want to live in spaces that make it easier and a bit more enjoyable. Homes where we can live, entertain, and enjoy our hobbies without the mess and clutter.

TheInStep Draweris a storage solution utilizing the valuable storage space under new or existing staircases. Being organised makes your home more beautiful.

InStep Drawersallows you to be more productive and your home a more inviting place to live because it's functional, organised and clutter-free.

You can control the chaos and manage your storage needs by utilizing the dust-free storage space in each drawer. Have items close-by when you want them andeasy to put away when you're done.